* " Shut Down" is the common denominator of the industrial sites that Christoph Lingg
has added to our visual memory in a fascinating, ambitious project.
( PROFIFOTO, Book of the month ,Nr. 12/07, Dezember 2007 )

* " Majestic photographs of abandoned factories in deserted landscapes. Cathedrals of decay "
( U_mag, 01/08, Dezember 2007 )

* "... almost surreal views of crumbling architectural ruins, gracefully abstract and with apocalyptic charm. ... to the beautifully conceived exhibition "Shut Down"
( Falter 49/07 )

* "… the photographs are really impressive. Heading out in new directions accompanied by decay. Simply beautiful."
( KURIER, Kultur & Medien, 29.November 2007 )

* " Highly impressive " That the Leopold Museum in Vienna, widely known for its extensive Schiele holdings, for the first time gives room to contemporary Photography with the exhibition" SHUT DOWN - Industrial Ruins in the East " is not self evident at all. Elisabeth Leopold who represented her husband Rudolf Leopold at the press reception saw parallels between Schieles " Dead City " and the photographs of Lingg.
( derStandard.at | Kultur | Bildende Kunst, 29.November 2007 )

* "Shut Down" – a book and an exhibition like an elegiac warning memorial.
( WIENER ZEITUNG, extra, 1.Dezember 2007 )

* " What is left when progress turns in another direction? Silence. Wind. Rust. And powerful images like those currently on view at the Leopold Museum in Vienna."
( Die Presse, Quergeschrieben, 05.12.2007 )

* "... the cropping, the perspectives, the deliberately (a)symmetrical compositions of exteriors and interiors result in a whole – in terms of both content and aesthetic power."
( Der Standard, Album, 07.12.2007 )

* "...that show the melancholy downfall of a utopia. ... They have been "shut down." And in Lingg’s photography these words actually attain the status of final rest.Almost as monumental as the industrial ruins themselves is the book published for the  exhibition"
( Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Feuilleton, 08.12.2007 )

* " The authentic atmosphere that the photographs convey stems from the fact that Lingg foregoes subsequent manipulation. Instead, he trusts in what he finds – as it is, abstains from staged arrangments and does without sophisticated lighting. The documentary power of the subject is in the forefront, showing decaying architecture and the reclaiming forces of nature in a harmonic manner that pays equal respect to both."
( kunstmarkt.com, 29.12.2007 )

* " Photographically perfect and demanding – Christoph Lingg is still an analog photographer working with a classic medium-format camera. In his large-format pictures he presents the aesthetics of decay and the melancholy aura of gigantic industrial sites that have become obsolete. … Completely robbed of their original purpose, Lingg’s industrial ruins now serve as symbols of futility and the failure of utopian doctrines for the producing economy...."
( VORARLBERGER NACHRICHTEN, Kultur, 03.01.2008 )

* " Linggs pictures are still lives of an enchanted modern age. Besides the melancholy of the decay they give off, first of all, the aura of a deep fairy tale peace, lead and ramshackle: could not what rests here, in a moment awake to new life and disintegrate to dust in the next? "
( FAZ, Literatur, 09.02.2008 )