Christoph Lingg (Images) / Cosmin Perţa (Texts)

When photographer Christoph Lingg first visited the village of Botiza, located in Maramures County, Romania, and its surrounding communities in 1994, he felt like he had been relocated into another world.
A world in which time seemed to stand still. Horse- and ox-driven carts determined the rhythm of everyday life. The fields were cut and tilled by hand. Many women made their own clothes, and some older villagers still wore Opinci, traditional handmade drawstring shoes made out of pigskin. Even within its own country, Romania, Maramures County was considered poor and backward.

The main reason for this isolation was that during the Ceausescu years, this region didn' t have any kolkhozes (collective farms). And that was not easy to overlook. The quiet, simple life of the inhabitants was determined by the change of seasons and traditions, which had remained almost unchanged, despite the arrival of radio, television, and the first tourists who strayed into this remote corner of Romania.
Christoph Lingg's pictures show us the everyday life in Maramures County during those years, while Cosmin Perţa' s texts carry us into its magic and mysticism.

ISBN: 978-3-9502450-6-6
Size: 14,8 x 21 cm, 100 pages, 55 photographs, handmade cover.
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